What drives us

At Studiorupt we are curious about innovative and challenging organizational models and frameworks; holocracy, agile and lean is what excites us, but we are not dogmatic about. These ideas and philosophies are our starting points. We like to inspire ourselves by the rebels of today. Every day there are organizations that do things differently. Organizations that challenge the status quo to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world, are the ones we keep a close eye on and study with respect.

We are passionate, intrigued, yes, you might as well say, obsessed with creating vibrant and relevant organizations. Organizational structures, processes and values and culture are the elements we bring in line to achieve this. We do this by sharing knowledge, creating awareness and offering supporting resources. With this, we enable organizations and teams to improve every day. Our ambition is to create companies where engaged and motivated people bring their best and push their organization to unprecedented levels.

Get in touch

Team Studiorupt's homebase is in the Netherlands.

Are you currently part of change or looking for ways to start a change? Or just want to get in touch?  Simply contact us via the chat in the bottom-right corner. We are always interested to help change or learn new things.